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Relax cottage country house Umbria

Relax cottage, a country house in Umbria with a stunning garden.

Borgo Giorgione, your relax cottage and country house in Umbria, inside a fascinating little medieval location. Book your stay in a widespread village (borgo diffuso), enjoy the comforts (exclusive spa and pool, for example) and immerse yourself in the pure nature. Each apartment and every relax cottage is surrounded by an authentic and luxurious setting, forget the stress and breath a regenerating atmosphere. A delightful park surrounds three country houses, the apartments and the central square, a flawless sight of hedges, rose bushes and fruit trees. We studied a specific location for each element of the park, in order to maximize its potential. The orchard, for example, surrounds the houses, in order to provide the view of a lush flowering a few steps from the (separate) entrances of the accommodations. Opening the windows you will have the impression of touching the flowers of cherry trees, plum trees, apricot trees, apple trees, pear trees, ponciruses and khaki.

The hedges create a fascinating design, a surprising linear green forest. The blooms are designed to alternate with the seasons, always offering a protected and welcoming dimension to guests, with fruits and colored berries present until late winter. You will notice Buddlejia (always surrounded by butterflies!), Perovskia, Cornus alba sibirica, Amelanchier Canadensis, Syringa vulgaris, Teucrium, Ilex, Cotoneaster.
The rose gardens and bushes provide ancient intensely scented varieties, some modern roses showing a continuous flowering, others have a second during autumn, and Chinese varieties, tea, floribunda and wild roses. In the choice, besides the beauty and the delicacy of the perfume, we have also considered other factors, such as the elegance of the posture and the robustness of the plant.

Feel a deep sense of wellness watching the many ornamental trees, creating a perfect backdrop for children's games or intense and relaxing moments of yoga. Among them are Paulownia Imperialis, Ginkgo Biloba, Carpini Piramidali, Mulberry, Ash trees, Maples, Cercis and Clerodendron. Every day we take care of our ecosystem using only organic products.
Welcome to a relax cottage of absolute charm, your country style experience.

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